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Technology: Its Fundamental Nature

Technology A Unifying Code book cover This book shows how to harvest the strongest technologies while heeding the inmost needs of people and the nurture of nature. It introduces a new format for technological knowledge. It offers three new conceptual structures: A Tablet of Technologies, The Innovation Chain and The Omega Map. It can serve as an introductory text for Engineering and Technology Management (ETM), curricula in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), as well as hi-tech investment courses.

Below find the contents page of Technology: Its Fundamental Nature

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Its Fundamental Nature

Its Fundamental Nature

Its Fundamental Nature

In this book readers will learn

  • A common structure underpinning all technologies
  • To measure the rate of progress of individual technologies
  • A natural, orderly, arrangement of technologies
  • To trace the individual and co-evolution of technologies
  • To anticipate the next phase in technological evolution

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