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Dr. Rias J. van Wyk

Dr. Rias van Wyk is the Director of Technoscan® Centre in Minneapolis, USA. He is also a Professor Extraordinaire at the University of Stellenbosch. Technoscan® Centre does research on the fundamental nature of technology. Dr. Van Wyk is a former Director of the Master of Science in the Management of Technology Program, University of Minnesota. His academic qualifications include a Master’s degree from Harvard focusing on science, technology and public policy. Read on

We selectively track Landmark Technologies to help colleagues identify strategic business opportunities. They can do so by consolidating individual landmark technologies into an OmegaMap of technological advance.

A format for an OmegaMap is shown below.

Guidelines for the creation of an OmegaMap are presented in the book - Technology: Its Fundamental Nature. Read more about the book here. Order here.

Technology: Its Fundamental Nature

The ten most recently tracked Landmark Technologies in Tweet format.