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Dr. Rias J. van Wyk

Dr. Rias van Wyk, the Director of Technoscan® Centre, Minneapolis, USA, leads the research program. He is also a Professor Extraordinaire at the University of Stellenbosch. Dr. Van Wyk is a former Director of the Master of Science in the Management of Technology Program, University of Minnesota. His academic qualifications include a Master’s degree from Harvard focusing on science, technology and public policy. He is the author of Technology: Its Fundamental Nature (2017) and Technology: A Unifying Code (2003). In 2010 - 2012 he served as the first President of the Management of Technology Accreditation Board (MOTAB). Read on

Technoscan® Center strives for widespread technological wisdom. It does so by selectively tracking #TechnologyLandmarks to help you identify strategic business opportunities.

Many opportunities are generated when Technology Landmarks interact with each other. Opportunities are brought to light when Technology Landmarks are presented in an integrative framework known as an #OmegaMap of technological advance.

We invite you to engage in the identification of Technology Landmarks on our Twitter account @technoscan. See the following examples:

A format for an Omega Map is shown below. It is based on the fact that the essence of technology is to provide functionality. In reality there are nine fundamental functionalities. They can be presented in a nine-cell Functionality Grid. The Functionality Grid is the organising format for an Omega Map

An Omega Map shows how anticipated Functionality Grids reach into the future and on to theoretical limits.

A format for an Omega Map.

Guidelines for an Omega Map are discussed in the book - Technology: Its Fundamental Nature. Read more about the book here. Order here.

Technology: Its Fundamental Nature